Textured Tile




Pricing for Textured Tile

Black & Dark Gray

$ 8.99 per Tile

$ 8.99 per Tile

(23.2 sq ft. Per Carton)

Tile size

20.5” x 20.5” x 4.5mm


Available Colors:











Textured tile is the perfect flooring surface for offices, garages, schools, shops, day care (crèches), gymnasiums and many other commercial areas.

Quick and simple to install, Textured tile floor tiles can be loose laid over virtually any hard surface with minimal disruption to your work schedule.
Manufactured from hardwearing PVC, Textured tile floor tiles are naturally chemical and oil resistant, require minimal upkeep. Textured tile tile has anti-slip properties. Available in 5mm and 7mm thickness,
Textured tile floor tiles are tough and versatile enough to cope with any industrial environment, having proven their suitability inside leading manufacturing and engineering companies.

Commonly used as a manufacturing floor, commercial floor, airplane hanger floor, industrial floor, engineer floor, laboratory floor, offices floor, church floor, and gymnasium floor.


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