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FlexWood Quick Specs

FlexWood is a three-component wood flooring system, designed specifically for performance for health and fitness activities. The system is completely free-floating, not being held to the subfloor in any fashion. The three components are as follows:

  1. Solid Hardwood Flooring - is prefinished tongue and groove planking. The wood surface is 7/8” of solid hardwood, allowing it to be sanded and refinished a number of times. Boards are 5” by either 6 or 12 feet in length.

  2. Installation Clips - are manufactured of tempered spring steel. While not only holding the boards together, the steel clips also allow the boards to deflect along the tongue and groove joint upon impact and subsequently snap back into place, allowing for ideal shock absorption for the athlete.

  3. Cushioning System - is a 3/8” closed-cell polyethylene aerobic foam. This allows the boards to be cushioned as they flex along the tongue and groove joints upon impact. The foam layer allows the shock to be dissipated and taken away from the participant’s body.
Three Year Warranty
Your FlexWood floor comes with a full three-year warranty against defects of any part of the three component system. We offer this assurance because we are confident that you’ll see that every component is made with the highest degree of quality.

Safety Tested
The FlexWood flooring system has been tested for its safety in performance using the universally accepted DIN Standards. On the five tests for Surface Friction, Resilience, Shock Absorption, Impact Isolation, and Surface Stability, the FlexWood surface met or exceeded the standards prescribed in the DIN Standards (DIN18032 - Part II)






Solid pre-finished hardwood flooring


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FlexWood is unlike any other floor for group exercise. It’s not a floor that was modified from some other sport, but instead designed for the utmost in safety and athletic Performance - especially for group exercise. This system was created to ensure that no matter what the activity or conditioning level of the participant, it will provide immediate and precise shock absorption. And supreme comfort for your instructors and athletes.


Woodgrain Floor Planks, Size - 7/8" x 5" x 6'L
(Case covers 20.34 sq ft)
Transition Pieces (ZA-500T), Size - 1 1/4" x 4 3/4"


Planks - $8.99 sq ft
Foam - $ 605.00/Per Roll (807 sq ft per roll)
Clips - $ 26.00 (1 box covers 40 sq ft)
Header joint Adhesive - $ 21.99 (1 tube covers 500 sq ft)


12' long planks also available.

*Case includes 41.12 sq ft

FlexWood Advantages

  • Ease of maintenance - a simple daily dust mopping and weekly damp mopping is all that is needed to keep your floor looking great for years.
  • Quick and easy installation - Since FlexWood is a completely prefinished flooring, most floors can be installed and ready to use in one day. We can provide factory trained installers to perform the work, or you may find that your on-site staff can readily complete the installation.
  • Moveable - If you need to move to a new location, your FlexWood floor comes with you, Since it is not permanently attached to the subfloor, FlexWood can be picked up and relayed with a minimal loss of your investment.
  • Solid Hardwood - at 7/8” in thickness, the hardwood surface can be refinished a number of times, providing for an extremely long life span - usually well over 20 years.
  • Hygienically Safe - the prefinished surface of the FlexWood floor does not allow the growth of bacteria and is superior to many other types of surfaces.
  • Ideal for all types of Group Exercise - whether it’s spinning, yoga, Pilates, or good old-fashioned aerobic exercise, FlexWood is the choice fitness facility managers are making all over the country.
  • Service from Professionals - FlexWood is sold only through exclusive fitness dealers who have demonstrated years of experience in the fitness industry and customer service excellence.


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"Wood flooring at an affordable price"

FlexWoodis a highly shock absorbing wood floor at an affordable price.  Spring steel clips allow for secure installations. Finally an all in one system that is easier to install.
FlexWoodis totally pre finished and ready to assemble.
FlexWoodhas the look that will turn heads and the performance to boot. 


• Hardwood Flooring • Designed Specifically for Aerobics • Easy & Quick to Install • Spring Steel Clip Construction

• Totally Free Floating • 1/4" & 3/8" PE Foam Underlayment  

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