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Roll-Out Mats

Roll-out Mats

Create a perfect 10'x10' training area: 

Zebra recommends this mat
for home use ONLY.

The Ultimate Mat for Training at Home

Train, move, fight like a pro on the new Zebra Roll-out Mat. This lightweight and portable roll-out mat lets you train whenever and wherever you want - at home, on the road, outside, anywhere - so you can keep honing your skills even when you're not in the gym.

Because it's a Zebra Mat, you‘ve got the support of the industry's highest quality mat maker behind you with every move you make.

Practice makes perfect, and Zebra's portable roll-out mat is the perfect partner to take you where you want to go.

Just roll it out and get it on. 
 • Easy roll set-up & store
 • Lightweight and portable

  • Tatami-textured surface

Product Life Expectancy: 2 years

6 Month Limited Warranty



1 3/8" Roll-out Mat

Zebra Logo Mat

Colors (Part #)
Blue (Z302)



Pedro Sauer Logo Mat

Colors (Part #)



3” x 84 yard Mat tape clear

$15.99 a roll


Size: 5' x 10' x 1 3/8"


Price: $286.00/ea 


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